Born in January 1980 - raised part american part danish - gone to 5 different schools
- completed High school and commercial school - graduated MMD - being influenced
by practically every environment I've lived in.
Over the years, these factors have sculptured my mind in a creative sense and broadened
my perception on various aspects in the world.

After graduating MMD school in the summer of '04 I've been working freelance creating
corporate identities, websites and miscellaneous graphic tasks such as promotional flyers
and posters.
Alongside my daily tasks doing campaign booking, I used my visual abilities and graphical
skills to help/guide our customers create the most efficient banners, and sometimes even
make the banners for them.

Some of my work is displayed in the Portfolio section. The rest is available on disc.

For additional info you can download my personal resumé right here, but you are always
welcome to contact me.

Artisticulation: The art of articulating art in an attractive and inviting manor